Poker team play – types, ways of protection

happywolf881 | Team play

Card games have long attracted those who earn money by dishonest ways – violating the rules, gaining an advantage over rivals. Timing in poker or collusion of players is common, including in online format. It has several types and is used in the cash game and tournaments. Playing on the Internet, poker players can not use a tagged deck, but they can exchange information among themselves. Poker sites are hard at work with collusion and block players caught in it.
Cooperative game
The most common type of collusion is a joint game at the same table. Participants can play the game, being near or in different cities and countries, exchanging information about their cards. This allows them to obtain more information about the Outs and to make more accurate calculations of the probability of the arrival of the desired card. For example, if the first player needs a peak card to compose Flash, and the second opponent does not have one, he gets 2-3% more chances to make a combination. Participants in the table who have conspired to gain an advantage can be identified by the following signs:
Rarely both are invested simultaneously in the auction – if the first of the contenders entered the auction – the second declares Fold.
Do not play big banks – by going into a bid together, they do not make big bets, they look at the next cards for free and in the end do not lose a lot of chips to each other.
Non-standard solutions – some lines of the drawing do not correspond to the situation. For example, a Check on the River can be announced, although the poker player has a strong combination, or Fold, when you could make a check.
The choice of the same tables – with multi-tabling scammers sit at the same tables, which in the popular room looks suspicious.
The absence of Styles – conspired, never use against each other such common tactical devices as Steele or Restyl.
Playing poker against dishonest opponents who exchange information, you can incur losses, having less data than they. A more accurate calculation of the probabilities will allow them to play more profitable, and this will reduce your income.